Family holiday inside the Lucca’s wall in Tuscany

Lucca is a delightful town: the center of the world. This is what we always tell our friends and guests when we invite them to spend here some time.

If you follow us on this page in the next few days , we will share the reason why holidays in Lucca satisfy everyone’s tastes: small children, teenagers, those who are no longer young, couples and groups of friends. Within the walls there are plenty of opportunities for art, entertainment, culture, shopping and fine restaurants. Outside the walls: nature, beach, mountains and the most authentic Tuscan hills.

To enjoy all this, Casa Gemma is perfect for families with kids.( This house is located in a side street of the main city’s artery , the famous Fillungo, the road that crosses Lucca from north to south. It is an extremely comfortable apartment on the ground floor, inside a small courtyard with a wrought iron gate.

Families with children are always excited to stay there for many reasons: it is easy to move around by foot, there is space for bikes (it is easy to rent them!), the kitchen is large, comfortable and there is no need to wash the dishes (we also have dishwasher) and parking is not far away. We are very lucky here! Inside the walls (a complete ring 4.5 km long) access to cars is very limited. Our youngest children can therefore move almost totally safe and our teenagers as well, because the town is very safe.