Living History in a lovely cottage on the hills over Lucca

Immediately outside  the walled city of Lucca, beyond the Serchio river, there is  an area so called Morianese which is  the vegetable town garden, and then next to it, the beautiful hills cultivated with olive trees.

Casa del Tiglio is located on  one of these hills.  A special place where a special woman used to live. This house is part of a small hamlet whose construction dates back to 1700.

Originally peasants lived on the property, they  worked the land and they used to produce the olive oil for a wealthy local family. Then it was abandoned and finally, in 1991 it was bought by a group of friends who restructured the property, some of them lived there permanently, some  only during  holidays. 

Casa del Tiglio was inhabited until a few months ago by Vera Michelin Salomon. For many years Vera has enjoyed the peace of this place: the view, the summer breeze, the beautiful outdoor patio where she used to have her meals, and the lindon  tree under which she spent her time immersed in great readings and organising meetings with “her pupils”, until the last months of her long and intense life, was committed to keep the “Memory” alive by meeting young people in schools and universities to whom she used to  give speech about her experiences.

Unlike the millions of people who have never been able to tell it. Because she was antifascist, Vera was inprisoned by the SS in Rome, and then sent to Germany to serve her sentence. She survived as few around her did..

After her Death, Chiara her daughter, decided to share this lovely  and special house, with you for your holidays with your friends or your family , in total relaxation, among the olive groves, walks in the woods, rides to the beach in Versilia,  and to  beautiful Lucca.